Danish Gemmological Society holds its 2nd International Symposium

October 1-2, Odd Fellow Palace, Copenhagen Denmark

Don’t miss the date and the oppertunity to listen to some of the world’s capacities in their field

  • Synthetic Diamonds
    How rare are diamonds.
  • Early use of diamonds in jewelry.
    Recently research on history of early gem setting.
  • Understanding of jade is not limited to technical exacting.
    How to detect oil in gems other than emerald.
    This is a huge problem for ruby, sapphire, spinel, tourmaline, and other gems.
  • Montepuez ruby mining, Mozambique and Kagem emerald mining, Zambia.
    An update on large-scale emerald and ruby mining in Africa.
    A general update on our operations and progress.
  • Gemethics: practices and myth that destroy gemstones upliftment for ressource-hosting nations.
    The social issues, artisanal mining, optimizing local benefit, cutting, and polishing, measuring a mining company’s contribution ect.
  • Social and environmental aspects of the small-scale miners.

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