Speakers at Copenhagen Gemmological Symposium 2022

Mrs. Julia Griffith

An extremely passionate gem and Jewellery enthusiast who enjoys every facet of the industry. Possesses thorough theoretical knowledge and practical experience of gemmological testing. An educator and public speaker. Has recently launched own online school, The Gem Academy. This company specializes in nice topics within gemmology. Synthetic/laboratory grown diamonds is currently her focus

Mr. Jack Ogden

Jack Ogden is an author or co author of several books and numerous articles on various aspects of the history of Jewellery technology and materials, from scientific to popular. Jack Ogden – prolific and insightful writer and jewelry historian whose goal is to bring together the diverse worlds of jewelers, gemologists, curator, collectors, and scientists who share an interest in jewelry from the past.

Mr. Richard W. Hughes

One of the world’s most recognized experts in rubies and sapphires. In 2012, he and his family founded a gemmological laboratory, Lotus Gemmology. He has written many books and more than 170 articles. His latest publication is the book “Jade a gemmologist´s guide” understanding of jade is not limited to the technical or exacting; it also incorporates a feeling for cultural, textural, and ephemeral qualities that make the study of this gem unlike any other. Richard Hughes has been studying jade since he first visited Burma at age 19. He fil offer a brief survey of the place’s jadeite and nephrite come from and then delve into the real Chinese jade, and true “Stone of Heaven”

Mr. Sean Gilbertson

Is a director of both Gemfields Ltd and Fabergé as well as assorted related companies. Sean Gilbertson graduated as a mining engineer from Wits University in South Africa having spent time in the country’s deep-level gold and platinum mines. One of Sean Gilbertson’s speeches is about Gemetics: practices and myths that’s destroy gemstone upliftment for resource-hosting nations. The social issues, artisanal mining, optimizing local benefit, cutting, and polishing, measuring a mining company´s contribution, etc.
The Montepuez ruby deposit is in the northeast of Mozambique, believed to be the most significant recently discovered ruby deposit in the world. Kagem Mining Ltd, the world´s single largest producing emerald mine.

Mr. Hanco Zwaan

Head of the Netherlands Gemmological Laboratory is working on understanding the factors that shape the “System Earth” and what it takes to form minerals, the small building blocks, lead to a particular fascination for specific geological processes that produced beautiful, durable, and rare mineral, called gemstones. Expertise on these hidden treasures of Natural History is used in our gemmological laboratory, when distinguishing those unique items from the many look-a-likes, synthetics or enhanced stones produced.

Mr. Vincent Pardieu

Has made more than 85 field expeditions where samples have been taken for various reference collection used to determine the geographical origin of precious stones. He has organized more than 57 expeditions to mines for GIA where he has collected samples for GIA´s reference collections. Vincent travels a lot but spend most of his time in laboratories cataloguing preparing and studying specimens and writing articles for various gemmological magazines, Vincent has great insight into the social and environmental aspects of the small-scale miners.